About Us

About Us

Our History

PT. Paskalis Wahana Citra is a company that was established in the year 1996, by Mr. Iwan Heyzer who had a grand vision of establishing an organisation that would work closely with the government to enhance the technology department of the various private sectors, government and military institutions in Indonesia.

With over 27 years of experience, PT. Paskalis Wahana Citra has grown to be one of the most reputable software suppliers in the Ministry of Defence. Our solution is used in both commercial and military systems. After multiple different IT projects and many other projects, PT. Paskalis Wahana Citra is now the sole supplier for software in the KFX–IFX (Korean Fighter Jet Experiment and Indonesian Fighter Jet Experiment) project, and responsible for other equipment for other Ministry of Defence (MOD) and KFX-IFX projects. KFX-IFX  is a joint venture between Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence and South Korea’s KAI. Throughout the years, we have also been involved in many commercial projects as well.

Over the years of experience with various military and government institutions in Indonesia, PT. Paskalis Wahana Citra has developed the reputation needed to become one of the leading software suppliers, military equipment, etc, and is working closely with the Indonesian Government as well as the private sector industry.

How we can help your company?

Our experienced professional team have been working on various IT projects for nearly two decades. Having this extended experience allows us to gain a better understanding of the different needs of our clients compared to our competitors. We apply solutions based on what the client needs and ensure that the applied solutions only bring a positive impact to our clients. We have been involved with major projects such as database developments, all the way to creating full R&D facilities.

With all our experience, we are sure that our team are able to provide solutions that shall satisfy your different business needs. We ensure every one of our clients satisfaction as we have a dedicated team that are ready to assist in any of your problems or concerns 24 hours everyday. We are committed to providing the best level of service and that is how we have developed our reputation in the first place.

We provide different levels of service ranging from simple database development for your company all the way to implementing a full IT solutions for all your business departments.

To find out more about how we can assist your business, feel free to explore our services page. We work with various companies to ensure that we provide the best quality of service for your business. A list of the companies we work with in providing our service can be found in our partners page.

If you have any further questions about our services or want to have a discussion on our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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